Sunday, February 12, 2006

Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bustier & Halter

Having trouble fitting pumping into your busy schedule? Not enough time to pump at the office? I have first hand experience and know that pumping can be a drag. Once I found the Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bra's, my pumping experience changed from being a dreaded chore to being easy, effortless and pleasant! I was able to pump, talk on the phone, and still have a hand free to keep my older child out of trouble!

These Bra's are very easy to use. They are made from cotton/lycra blend and are soft and comfortable. They are machine washable. Two great styles are available...

Easy Expression Bustier - I found the bustier great for use at work as there is no need to remove your blouse/jacket. It can be worn with or without a nursing bra. You just lift your top,open your nursing bra and place the bustier over the top. It features a front zipper. The pump fits through the two openings at the front and is held firmly in place. You are left hands-free to type, write and talk on the telephone.

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  • Easy Expression Halter - I found the halter great for use at home. As the halter slips over your head, I used it in the house when I did not need to wear a top/blouse. This style may also be used with or without a nursing bra. As with the bustier, the pump fits through the two front openings leaving you hands free.

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  • I found that both styles run a little small, so if you are in-between sizes - go with the larger one.

    As SuperMomz we need to share the unique products that help make our day less hectic...this bra certaintly helped me and I hope it will also help you.

    I carry both styles in my store SuperMomz and will be happy to help you decide which style and size will work best for you.