Monday, February 13, 2006


LilyPadz...I love them! No more disposable nursing pad line showing through my blouses! They allow you to wear all of your pre-nursing tops and even go without a bra!


LilyPadz are a revolutionary new non-absorbent nursing pad. Whether or not you breast feed your baby, inconvenient, leaky, and lets admin it....obvious nursing pads are the last think you want to worry about during and after your pregnancy. Working on the age-old principle that pressure on the nipple temporarily stops breast milk leakage,LilyPadz keep that pressure constant,even in the absence of a bra, so you never leak.

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  • LilyPadz combine the unique features of flexibility, breathability,invisibility and "sticks-to-you-ability" in it's special soft and non-absorbant material. So LilyPadz conform and hold to your breast like a second skin, allowing you to return to your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and lifestyle with confidence.

    Now that you have a choice...Say goodbye to uncomfortable, unreliable, and unattractive pads and try LilyPadz.

    LilyPadz revolutionary design and features allow you to return to the activities you enjoyed before your baby was born...

    Sleep Comfortably...LilyPadz stay in place in the absence of a bra.

    Go for a swim...Because LilyPadz are non-absorbent, they are the only nursing pad that remains effective when swimming. Although they must be applied while dry,LilyPadz stay in place and retain breast milk as you go from dry to wet and dry again.

    Enjoy a night on the town...Great for use under evening attire...strapless, sheer, name it!

    Wear your favorite lingerie...Not only are LilyPadz thin but they are transparent too!

    LilyPadz are invisible under your clothing,long lasting and have no absorbent component so there's nothing else to buy!