Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby shoes missing in action...Robeez to the rescue.

After a crazy day at the mall today - I'm ready to buy stock in Robeez! My daughter pulled her shoes off at least 20 times and we even managed to leave one in the Disney Store which we had to go back to retrieve. No SuperMom has time to run around retrieving shoes (especially a frantic one like myself who is trying to get the family ready for our summer vacation).

Robeez to the rescue - I discovered these great shoes when my son was given a pair a few years ago. Guess what - they actually stayed on and he was not able to pull them off. I just checked out their website and the 2006 fall collection is now available. They have some great new styles and I'm about to buy a couple of pairs today. Check them out and feel free to comment on your favorites.

Robeez Footwear Shop for Shoes and Booties