Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cool Sharper Image Baby Care Set

Baby Care Set Bath Thermometer and Wireless Monitor (OQ005)

I spotted this great product in the Sharper Image yesterday and could not wait to tell other SuperMomz about it. This baby care set includes a Baby Bath Thermometer and Wireless Baby Monitor.....

  • Peace-of-mind tools for parents of newborns.
  • Two advanced technology products to help keep baby comfrtable, happy and safe.
  • Wireless Baby Monitor allows you to hear baby's sounds and movements up to 300 feet away.
  • Baby Bath Thermometer features a large LCD screen that indicates by color whether the bath is 'cold","comfortable"or "hot" in preset or personalizes temperature ranges. If the water goes below 68F or above 104F, an alarm will sound.

I love the Sharper Image products and this one especially - what a great holiday gift for a new mommy!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sephora - Best of 2006 Winners

Sephora has had a makeover and is now offering even more great beauty products. This month they are featuring the best of 2006 (chosen by 150,000 loyal customers) and here is a sneak preview....

So much great stuff - so be sure to give yourself the makeover your deserve. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Great Fall Baby Sale at Old Navy

I love shopping for my 2 little ones at Old Navy. Their fall sale is currenly in full swing - but as we all know - the great deals always go fast! They currently have some fantastic deals...

  • Great emboidered jeans on sale for $14.62
  • Jackets, Sweaters, Hoodies all at great reduced prices.
  • Halloween Costumes are already ON SALE - I love the princess dress at only $14.62.

Being a SuperMom, I always shop online as I do not have the time or patience to push through the crowds! Here's the button below which will take you right to the sale page! Happy Shopping!