Friday, February 09, 2007

Breastfeeding at work?

Let’s face it - returning back to work after maternity leave is never fun! This can be especially true if you want to continue breastfeeding and are considering pumping while on the job! Most moms worry about keeping up their milk supply and wonder how to pump quickly and discreetly while still getting their job done.

Luckily, there are some great products to help you, which when paired with these valuable tips compiled by actual pumping moms, will help make your pumping plan a reality…

  • A double, electric pump is a must. The double pump helps cut pumping time in half and also stimulates milk production.
  • Invest in a good hands free pumping bra (Easy Expression makes two great ones).
  • If you have your own office - schedule your time and save data entry, typing, reading and returning emails. These tasks can all be completed while pumping if you’re using a hands free bra.
  • Leave your pump engine at the office if you do not use it at home. Saves you from taking it back and forth (it’s heavy).
  • Make use of the small cold bag that comes with many pumps – purchase some additional freezer packs and use this to store the pumped milk discreetly under your desk!
  • Who wants to display their pump parts while running down the corridor to the bathroom to rinse them out! Use a small cloth bag to store them (and also keep them dry). The Diapees and Wipees Diaper Wallets are perfect and just the right size.
  • Try herbal tea products that help increase milk supply (Earth Mama Angel Baby More Milk Tea).
  • Plan your schedule – try to schedule time to pump at the same time day although you may be busy. This helps regulate your milk production and will help you to get into a routine.
  • Try using Mothers Milk Breast Milk Storage Bags. You can pump directly into the bags eliminating the use of bottles while pumping.
  • Keep a large bottle of water on your desk – this will act as a reminder to keep drinking! A higher fluid intake is needed while breast feeding.
  • Try using the Medela microwave sterilizer bags. These bags will let you quickly sterilize your pump attachments using the office microwave.
  • Pack your pump bag the night before. All you’ll need to do in the morning is add some freezer packs and you’re ready to go.
  • Most employers are happy to accommodate breastfeeding moms. Ask your Human Resources Department if they have a designated pumping area or any other resources available for you.

  • Although pumping at work can be challenging at first, it is possible to succeed – and you may even be surprised as to just how easy it can be!