Saturday, July 21, 2007

An alternative to your local thrift store

We recently renovated our home and office and found that we had lots of baby clothes and gear to give away. We piled it into the car and almost dropped it off to our local thrift store's drop off center - but really wanted to hand this great stuff to someone who really needed it - and not to a store fo resale! (Althought we know that these stores and centers do a really great job in helping those in need).

In the search for somewhere to give our used baby gear to we stumbled across a really great center right in our own neighborhood The Sydney M Irmas Transitional Living Center. The employees at the center could not have been nicer - even helping me park my van as I'm not such a great driver! They were so thankful for our donation and mentioned that they have many families with children from newborns to teens who are in great need and have nothing!

So, if you are in the Los Angeles area and like us, you want to give your donation directly to people in need rather than to a thrift store, check out The Sydney M Irmas Transitional Living Center. We're certain that other states and cities have similar programs too. Doing something so small will certainly be a great help for these families - and after all - all don't moms deserve the opportunity to be SuperMomz!

SuperMomz is happy to announce that we'll be driving all our donations over to This Center along with asking all our friends and family to do the same!