Thursday, August 16, 2007

Buy a Baby Carrier & Help Moms in Need

SuperMomz believes that clean diapers are an Essential and not a luxury. We were saddened to discover that many moms in Los Angeles actually reuse diapers as they do not have access to clean ones. Many new moms are faced each day with the decision of buying food or diapers. We knew immediately that we could help and we're proud to to be donating $10 to the Los Angeles Diaper Drive from the sale of each New Native Baby Carrier - Factory Seconds to help give these moms the Essentials they need.

Please help us provide clean diapers to these struggling SuperMoms and purchase your New Native Baby Carrier - Factory Seconds. These Baby Carriers are being sold at a very low price. These factory seconds are carriers with a small fabric flaw such as a broken thread, a spot or other imperfection. These flaws have been repaired by New Native, thoroughly inspected and are often unobtrusive.

Lets work together to help our less fortunate SuperMoms. Each $120 we raise will provide four moms with a months worth of diapers. We know that they'll really appreciate your help, especially during this expensive "back to school" season.