Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Be Prepared with IdentaKey

No mom likes to think about dealing with an emergency but having 2 small children, I've often wondered how and where I should be keeping track of all their personal data in case that emergency happens. Seems like I've found the answer - IdentaKey...

The IdentaKey was designed to be used in an emergency to provide authorities with up-to-date information immediately. There are 5 IdentaKey reports available that can also be used for every day events.

For Example:
The “Bag Tag” report can be used for car seat identification and field trip necklaces.
The “Complete Profile” report can be provided to baby sitters and sleepover parents for the medical and contact information.
The “Wallet Id” report can be made for picture travel ids as well as ids for parents and caregivers to carry.

What makes the Identakey so powerful is that it can be updated at any time and new reports can be made when ever needed. Each IdentaKey can hold between 6-8 individual’s information.

Information it holds:
• Personal (physical characteristics)
• Identifying Marks
• School/Day Care Information
• Online Identity
• Allergies
• Medical Allergies
• Chronic Illnesses
• Immunizations
• Unlimited Contact Information
• 4 different photos
• 10 digit fingerprint report (to be scanned back in)

Find out more about IdentaKey and be prepared!