Saturday, February 02, 2008

Need a Babysitter for Valentine's Day?

Need a babysitter? Find the most qualified sitters at

If you're like me, you still don't have a babysitter for Valentine's Day! All our usual sitters are booked and all our friends are also frantically trying to find a sitter. What's a SuperMom to do? Well, Sittercity may just be the answer. It's easy, here's how it works...

Busy parents sign up for one of two plans:
Monthly: $39.99 startup plus $9.99 per month.
Annual: $7.99 per month billed annually.

Then log on to and enter your zip code. You'll be shown a list of sitters in your area. Click on the sitter's profile for more info and their contact information.

Find the best local babysitters at

You pay all fees directly to your sitter. Sittercity is a matchmaking service only and does not charge any fees for using care providers found on the site.

So check out Sittercity and relax on Valentine's Day, knowing that your precious angels are in good hands!