Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thought about saving for college?

Upromise - Save money for college. If you're anything like me, sending your kids off to college seems like such a long time away. But, a quick reality check today made me realize that college is only 10 years away. This means that I only have 10 years left to stash away my hard earned funds to pay for 8 years (2 kids) of college!

With the cost of higher education rising by the minute - I'd better get started! Not only are there tuition fees to think of but accommodation costs, living expenses and so much more.

What's a busy SuperMom to do? Don't panic - Upromise can help. Their program is free to join and you're able to earn up to 8% back on your qualified purchases. They also have a nifty toolbar which tells you when you're shopping on a qualified website and prompts you to login to Upromise so that your earnings will be easily credited to your account.

All your favorite stores and restaurants are participating in this great program - Target & Old Navy to name just a few. Once you've registered your credit and store cards you can start stashing away your earnings towards those upcoming college expenses. What are you waiting for? Start saving now.