Monday, April 28, 2008

Contest - win the amazing Mabel's Labels

If you're like me you probably struggle each day making sure that each child has his/her own lunchbox, water bottle and backpack! Forget trying to figure out what belongs to who at school. And that pile of unclaimed sweaters at the back of the classroom - do any of them belong to my child? Thankfully there is a solution to this chaos - Mabel's Labels.

These amazing labels stick to clothes, shoes, lunchboxes - just about anything your child could misplace. You can stick them on, iron them on, attach them with tags - they really are the solution to the busy mom lost & found problem! We had the pleasure of meeting them recently and they are generously sponsoring our contest and giving away a camp/school combo pack. Each Camp/Student Pack consists of 15 Sticky Labels, 40 Iron-Ons or 50 Tag-Mates™ (your choice), eight Shoe Labels and two Bag Tags. This pack is perfect for summer camp or school. You may choose between the Standard Pack of red, green and blue labels, the Princess Pack™ in pink, lilac and raspberry, or the Ocean Colours of teal, purple and ocean blue! Iron-Ons are always printed blue on white.

It's easy to enter. Just leave a comment as to why you NEED this great combi kit of Mabel's Labels. We'll ask Mabel to pick a random winner! Contest ends Tuesday May 6th at 5pm. Oh - and that's not all - just for entering we'd love to send you a Free Subscription to our Ezine Mommy Mail (just enter your email address in the box above).

BellaBand Winner

Congratulations jcruz for winning a maternity accessory of your choice. Thanks so much to everyone who entered.
Projecthope7 please contact us - we'd like to send you one too!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Where is the Sunscreen?

After frantically trying to find the sunscreen this morning (without much luck) I thought I'd do a little research and answer a few of my sunscreen questions...

  • Can I use last years bottle of sunscreen? Each brand and type of sunscreen will have a different shelf life. Most brands are effective for at least 2 years. Many brands have an expiration date printed on the label or bottle. If you do not see an expiration date, check for a manufacturers code. The last numbers on the code represent the expiration date.
  • Should I look for UVA or UVB protection? Choose a sunscreen which provides both UVA and UVB protection.
  • When should I apply my sunscreen? For best protection, sunscreen should be applied about 30 minutes before going into the sun. Don't be like me and apply it as you're going out the door!
  • How much do I need to apply? The most frequent reason for sunscreen not working properly is that not enough was applied. Apply more than you think you need and rub it in!
  • How often should I apply my sunscreen? Reapply every few hours.
  • How do I protect myself in the water? Choose a waterproof sunscreen and reapply it after swimming. Remember that many public swimming pools require that you shower before entering the pool. This will remove much of your sunscreen.
  • How can I protect my baby? Pediatricians usually recommend keeping baby out of the sun and not using sunscreen until your baby is 6 months old. After 6 months, choose a product which is chemical free and contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These 2 ingredients and not absorbed into the skin and sit on top of it forming a physical barrier of protection. These "physical" sunscreens begin to work as soon as they are applied unlike the chemical varieties which take about 30 minutes to become effective.
Here are some of SuperMomz Favorites. Remember to always be safe in the sun.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Photo Stamps - Perfect for Mom or Grandma

I received a letter last week with an amazing picture of a friends new baby in the top right corner! Yes - she'd actually found the time to create personal photo stamps and they looked really great. I was so excited to open the letter as I guessed that more pictures of her new baby were inside.

I immediately called to find out how she did it as I'd love to send my Mother's Day card out with my children on the stamp! Here's the link Your Photos on Real US Postage! I checked it out and it's so easy (and not expensive) to create amazing personal photo stamps.

Still tring to find that perfect gift for your Mom? Perhaps I'll even create a roll or two and include them with Mom's gift - so that she can send her mail while proudly displaying photo's of her Grandchildren. I may even leave the link lying around in hope that my husband will get the idea to print a roll or two for me!

Your Photos on Real Postage

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just in time for Mother's Day

We could hardly wait to tell you that PassionSpice Maternity has just launched their new pricing structure and you're going to LOVE their new LOW prices! These great maternity and nursing bra's allow you to show your class and style while adding some sass and fun too. I know what I want for Mother's Day - how about you?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Contest - Win a BellaBand

We're getting ready for Mothers Day and this year we've decided to celebrate with a contest for the "Mom to be". The last thing expectant moms need to worry about is keeping her pants in place and buttoned up! A Maternity Accessory (aka Bella Band, Belly Band, Belly-Ups, B-Buckle) is the answer and we're giving one away to one random winner. But wait - it gets better! YOU get to choose which one you'd like.

It's easy to enter. Just comment on this post and tell us why you need a Maternity Accessory. Please also Sign Up For Our Free Ezine if you are not already a subscriber. You don't have to be a "mom to be" to enter. We'll pick one randon winner on Sunday 4/20 at 10pm.

Thanks for entering, good luck and we can't wait to read you comments.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Glamourmom Winners Announced

As mentioned in a prior post, Glamourmom has been so kind and provided 4 additional tanks - so we now have 5 winners. Here they are:

Heather H

All winners should have been contacted by SuperMomz, but if not, please email us ( with your name, address and color/size tank.

Congratulations to all the winners and Thank You again to Glamourmom.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What you need to know before buying Maternity Clothes!

Your baby bump is barely showing and you're ready to rush off to the local mall to try on those cute maternity fashions! We can't blame you as there is an abundance of new maternity fashions and styles out there. But WAIT! Read these 5 quick tips before you spend a penny - we want to make sure you know how to select the correct items, stay stylish and save a penny or two.
  • Remember that most maternity wear is sold by Pre-Pregnancy size. Although it is impossible to tell how much weight you'll gain and where you'll gain it, it's important to start with your pre-pregnancy size to ensure a correct fit.
  • Determine your needs! It's important to know where you'll be wearing your new items, so that you can select just what you need and not be tempted to over purchase! It's no good buying 3 pairs of cute jeans if you need clothes for the office!
  • Choose a few basic items that can be mixed and matched. A pair of pants, a skirt, a dress, jeans and several tops/tee shirts will usually be enough to start with.
  • Remember that you can sometimes purchase non-maternity wear in a larger size. Although this will usually not work throughout the whole 9 months - as the item will be larger all over and not just in the areas you'll need it! It's sometimes handy to have a few non-maternity items in a larger size as they can be worn after the baby is born when you're not quite able to squeeze back into your favorite jeans.
  • There are some great maternity accessories out there. You can avoid purchasing maternity wear altogether for the first few months by extending the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes with a BellaBand or B-Buckle.

Julie's Personal Tip: Don't think that just because you tried on the "belly" in the store that your new purchases will fit once your own belly starts to appear. I know this from first hand experience! A beautiful silk suit, which I planned to wear to a summer wedding, looked super cute in the store (with the "belly" on). But - looked terrible several months later. Luckily that little black office dress in the closet easily doubled as a wedding outfit when paired with some cute accessories.