Monday, April 21, 2008

Photo Stamps - Perfect for Mom or Grandma

I received a letter last week with an amazing picture of a friends new baby in the top right corner! Yes - she'd actually found the time to create personal photo stamps and they looked really great. I was so excited to open the letter as I guessed that more pictures of her new baby were inside.

I immediately called to find out how she did it as I'd love to send my Mother's Day card out with my children on the stamp! Here's the link Your Photos on Real US Postage! I checked it out and it's so easy (and not expensive) to create amazing personal photo stamps.

Still tring to find that perfect gift for your Mom? Perhaps I'll even create a roll or two and include them with Mom's gift - so that she can send her mail while proudly displaying photo's of her Grandchildren. I may even leave the link lying around in hope that my husband will get the idea to print a roll or two for me!

Your Photos on Real Postage