Saturday, May 03, 2008

Look What I'm Getting For Mother's Day

I've heard so much about this Flip Video Camcorder recently I just had to check it out for myself. I first saw it recently at a friends daughters birthday party and was really impressed by it's size and how easy it looked to use. Then it seemed like everywhere I looked people were either using the Flip or purchasing one! I became obsessed and desperate to have one!

With my summer vacation to Europe getting closer by the minute I needed to either purchase a new video camera or persuade my husband to let me take one of his (he's a videograper so does not part with his equipment easily!). We're leaving in July for 7 weeks (husband staying at home as summer is his busy season) so need someway to document our trip and post video's online so that husband can see what the children are up to. The Fip is the perfect solution as it connects directly to your USB port and allows you to easily and quickly post your video to You Tube.

Next step was to sell hubby on the idea. How convenient that Mother's Day and my birthday are next week! I emailed him the Amazon link for the Flip and found him checking them out last night. I chose the Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder in pink. It is shipping free and due to arrive on Wednesday. As hubby is a professional videographer I'm sure he'll test it out and I'll post his opinion later next week.

Can't wait to receive my Mother's Day gift this year!