Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Gift For Moms In Need

At this time of year I always feel so fortunate for having so much! I feel lucky to have 2 wonderful children, a wonderful husband and an incredible family ( although I wish my family was not so far away). I also feel fortunate to able to work from home which allows me the flexibility I need to be there when my children need me.

I'm also aware that not all moms are as fortunate as I am. I've seen young mothers in Downtown Los Angeles living on the street with their children. I've watched them line up outside the shelter, waiting for their turn to take a shower and be fed. I've seen the families living under a tree by the beach in Santa Monica. I've heard about children who only go to school one day a week - when it's their turn to wear the "family outfit". Last week I witnessed an 8 year old boy with holes in his dirty pants, ask for a book at the school book fair - because his family was homeless and not able to give him a few dollars to buy one. I felt the shame in his eyes and heard the other boys tease him.

Living in Los Angeles I'm aware of the huge income gap between the rich and the poor. I've heard the children in my sons class tell him about the $100 bill the tooth fairy left them. I've seen the mansions some families live in and heard my son ask why our house is not as big. My son sits on the rug in class with a child wearing $300 designer jeans on one side and a child with a hole in her shirt on the other side. I've heard the parents wonder who in this neighborhood would need the food baskets given out at the holidays but have seen those in need hide their poverty in shame.

I know that many moms in Los Angeles have to decide each day whether to buy food or diapers as they are unable to afford both. Many families have to reuse disposable diapers. I also believe that clean diapers are a necessity that every child deserves and not a luxury. Luckily the Los Angeles Diaper Drive is an amazing organization which provides diapers to families in need. Please help us to support those families not as fortunate as you this Mother's Day. By rounding up and donating your "spare change" at check out, you'll be able to provide diapers to moms who really need them. We'll also reward you for your generosity during May. Just enter Diaper Drive Promo in the comments at check-out (after rounding up your change) and we'll issue a refund for 5% off your order. Thank you so much for helping us with our mission to make sure that no mother has to choose between buying food or diapers.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Mother's Day.