Friday, August 22, 2008

Greener School Lunches with Obentec's Laptop Lunches

With a quick glance around most school yards at the end of the day you will be sure to see plenty of garbage cans overflowing with the leftovers from lunch! Juice boxes, drink pouches, plastic sandwich bags, granola bar wrappers and aluminum cans to name just a few.It has been estimated that a child bringing a disposable lunch to school each day will generate 67 pounds of waste per school year. For an average size elementary school this equals about 18,760 pound of waste each year.Although many school yards provide recycling bins they are seldom used correctly by our average elementary school student. Most of this waste just ends up in the garbage.

Today's moms are busy though and these disposable utensils, pre-packaged snack packs and juice boxes offer a quick and easy solution to the daily lunch box challenge! But - by making just a few small changes, moms can send their child off to school each day with a healthy, waste free lunch that will actually save them some money too!So how's a busy mom ever going to find time to make these changes? Laptop Lunches to the rescue!Laptop Lunches are American style bento boxes, designed to help families pack nutricious, environment friendly lunches for busy families on the go. Perfect for school, work or a day out these sustainable lunch containers reusable, recyclable and dishwasher safe. They are lead free and come with a handy book packed full with healthy lunch ideas and recipies.The complete system is ideal for kids of all ages who, from personal experience, become so proud to carry their new lunch system and show it to their friends. Available in 4 color options and Yes it does come in pink too.

Each System Includes:

  • Insulated carrying case
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Laptop lunch bento box (outer and inner containers)
  • Set of stylish utensils
  • Laptop Lunch users Guide
  • Our favorite - the small dip container

How will Laptop Lunches Help My Family?

  • Allows you to purchase food items in larger quanties so saves you money while reducing waste at home.
  • Encourages your family to eat better - as you'll be using the containers to pack sliced fruit and veggies.
  • Then reusable water bottle will encourage your family to drink water instead of juice.
  • The stylish box design allows you to pack just enough food to satisy one hungry person.
  • Greatly reduces waste in the school yard.
  • Allows you to easily monitor what your picky eater has actually eaten! We've found that pre-packaged food will usually just get thrown away when your child is done. With the Laptop Lunch System they'll probably just close the lid and bring what's left over home.

We know that we'll be making an extra effort to reduce waste at our school this fall. Generating 67 pounds of waste just does not seem to be acceptable in todays environment.
Still not convinced? SuperMomz is proud to carry the Laptop Lunch Bento Box Systems. For more information about reducing lunch waste at school or about these great systems contact us at

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of Green Day

Do you love Green Day? Us too - and now your baby can enjoy these great Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions.
Rockabye Baby! transforms timeless rock songs into beautiful instrumental lullabies. The soothing sounds of the glockenspiel, vibraphone, mellotron and other instruments will lull your baby into a sweet slumber.

Do cries in the night make you a basket case? If a rambunctious baby is turning you into an insomniac, Green Day’s anthems about dookie and shenanigans can help make sweet children. Say good riddance to a cranky baby. Welcome to paradise.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Keep Your Kids Lice Free This Fall

Research shows that head lice infect between 10 to 12 million people in the United States each year! Head lice thrive during the back to school months of August & September with full blown infestations occurring in December and January. Daycare centers, pre-schools and kindergartens are more likely to become infested as these younger children tend to be in closer contact.

There are many myths surrounding head lice. Here's a few basic facts:

  • Lice do not live on animals so your child can not catch lice from the family pet.
  • Lice can not fly. They move from child to child by crawling or when combs, hats and other personal items are shared.
  • Lice are happy to infest both clean and dirty hair. Having lice is not a reflection of poor personal hygiene.

Most parents tend to panic when a case of head lice is discovered. Although being violated by these little creatures is pretty gross, they rarely cause infection or disease and are really just a major inconvenience.

So how can you make sure your family stays lice free this fall...

  • Avoid sharing brushes, combs, hats, scarfs, towels - anything that touches the head and hair.
  • Learn what to look for and check your children frequently for that tell tale itching.
  • Make sure you stay informed and check for any notices coming home from school. Talk with your childs teacher and ask that the parents be notified if an outbreak occurs.
  • Check bedding, towels and rugs during a school outbreak to make sure they have not reached your home.

Prevention plays a large role in keeping your family lice free. There are many preventative treatments available which help deter head lice. Circle of Friends Lice Free Zone shampoo and leave-in conditioners are one of the most effective treatments we've found. Used regularly during back to school season, this preventative treatment uses natural Tea Tree, Andiroba and Lavender oils to repel lice and other insects, preventing that dreaded infestation.

What should you do if you discover your child has head lice...

  • Speak with a pharmacist or doctor about a recommended treatment plan. Many over the counter treatments contain harsh chemicals not suitable for use on small children.
  • Purchase a small toothed comb and use to repeatedly remove lice and eggs.
  • One chemical treatments will remove 70% of lice and nits so continued treatment is necessary to ensure complete removal.
  • Wash all bedding, blankets, pillows in hot water.
  • Check carpers and rugs thoroughly.
  • Continue to check hair and treat as necessary.

With the frequency of head lice outbreaks in local schools and the priority of keeping kids in school not out sick, many services have developed specifically for the removal of head lice. For a specific fee you are able to take your child to a salon where an experienced professional will apply treatment and work on the hair until all lice and nits are removed. Many of these services will even come to your home too.

Please remember to contact your local pharmacy or health care provider for more information. We hope you stay lice free this season.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our top 5 reasons for using a baby carrier

We're all fans of Baby Carrying at SuperMomz. I carried both babies for about 18 months each (including trecks across London with an 18 month old in a sling). Our wonderful office assistant also loved carrying her youngest son - she used to see me run around with my daughter on my hip and loved how free and easy it seemed (and was). I used a Baby Bjorn for a few months with my son, then switched to the New Native Baby Carrier. I used New Native to carry my daughter until she was about 2 years old.

If you're not yet convinced that Baby Carrying is for you, here's our top 5 reasons for why you should give it a try:

  • Hands Free Conveniece for Mom: Most baby wearing advocates will first list the benefits for your baby. While we know there are so many benefits for your child (and will get to them in a minute) we also know that life is so much easier for mom when her baby is snuggling contently in his baby carrier. A happy baby leads to a happy mom and happy moms can take better care of the new child.
  • Nurturing: A sense of security is important for infants and a baby carrier keeps baby close proving the nurturing and security they need.
  • Conversation: Baby will hear you talking to people all day! Experts have told us that the amount of words and converstations a baby hears is related to when he starts to talk. Baby will be able to hear you talk with the clerk at the grocery store, on the telephone and to your family and friends. Your baby will learn to model the way you speak and learn the patterns of conversation.
  • Interaction: The world around you is seen at your eye level. When your baby is sitting in a stroller much of your interactions will go unnoticed. But, when your baby is sitting much higher up in a baby carrier, he'll be able to see what you are seeing and interact with you an everyone around you.
  • Awareness of your daily activities and scheduling: When your baby is able to see what goes on around you each ay, he becomes aware of your daily schedule. For example he'll notice that you stop for lunch in the middle of the day, that you collect your toddler from pre-school in the early afternoon and that you sway a little as you stoll around the pack. He'll get to know the daily routine of life making many transitions much easier for both of you.

So now we've convinced you, take a look and see what Baby Carriers are all about!