Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm a Naughty Mommy!

It's 10:00pm and after a busy day with the kids I needed to relax! Kids in bed: check, orders processed: check, husband playing poker: check - what's a tired mom to do? I decided on a relaxing soak in the bath and after searching frantically for some "grown up" bubble bath I came across a gift set I received recently by
Naughty Mommy Body Care.

After removing 3 race cars and 1 rubber duck from the bath, I poured the Naughty Mommy Beauty Bath into the water. Baths are a rare luxury for me these days! Like most busy moms I usually hop into the shower each morning and seem to be in and out within about 2 minutes. This evening though, thanks to Naughty Mommy Body Care, I think I've rekindled my love of a long soak in the tub!

I used the Pomegranate and Grape Seed Beauty Bath which had a delicious aroma and felt like soft silky velvet. These bubbles have staying power too - they did not vanish (like most do) as I lingered in the bath & caught up on some girly reading!

Finally, I had to get back to reality and drag myself of the tub to prepare lunch boxes for tomorrow! But not before I slathered myself with Touch of Silk Body Lotion. This ultra rich lotion was just what my frazzled skin needed and left my skin feeling super soft and smooth.

This amazing collection of products was created by a mom (Mia) especially for tired, over-worked, under-appreciated moms just like me and you! You can be a Naughty Mommy too as Mia has kindly provided a small gift set (containing 2 items) for one of our lucky readers. It's easy to enter - just take a minute to visit Naughty Mommy (but please pardon their dust as they are in the middle of a website renovation) and comment on this post telling us why you need to win this great gift set. (Please either add your email to your comment or email it to us at info@supermomz.com so we can contact you if you win). If you have a blog/website we'd love you to link to this post too (but not needed to enter). We'll be selecting one random winner on Friday 10/10. Hope you decide to enter and we can't wait to ready your comments!