Monday, October 20, 2008

Contest - Nursing Moms Need Blozzumz-Winner Announced

Breastfeeding is hard work and anyone who has breastfed for even a short amount of time will LOVE our contest this week. I'm sure all breastfeeding moms can relate to at least one of the painful conditions that many nursing moms must endure.

My breastfeeding journey started with engorgement. After about 6 months I had a terrible case of mastitis - which came on suddenly right before an important meeting! For some strange reason, I decide to wean my daughter 2 days before boarding an 11 hour flight to London - this was not a smart decision! If only I'd had a pair of Blossumz Soothing Breast Therapy Packs.

Blossumz are therapeutic hot/cold breast gel packs. Recommended by health care professionals and lactation experts, Blossumz provide immediate and effective relief of breast swelling and pain. A must have for woman breastfeeding or recovering from breast surgery, Blossumz are a woman's breast friend!

Rachel at Comfort Matters Inc has kindly provided a Deluxe set of Blozzumz which comes with 2 gel packs and 2 covers. It's easy to enter - just take a minute to visit our link for Blossumz. and comment on this post telling us one fact or feature about this great product. (Please either add your email to your comment or email it to us at so we can contact you if you win). If you have a blog/website we'd love you to link to this post too (but not needed to enter). We'll be selecting one random winner on Tuesday 10/28. Hope you decide to enter and we can't wait to ready your comments!