Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why SuperMomz?

I've been shopping online a lot recently. Usually I just google the item I'm looking for then wade through all the listings trying to decide which store to buy from. I have a small list of services and features that are important to me to help make my decision:
  • I want to select, purchase and checkout quickly.
  • I want to be able to easily find a phone number for the store incase I have any questions.
  • I want the staff to be able to answer all of my questions.
  • I want a good price
  • I want super fast shipping.
  • I want a great return policy.

There's a lot of maternity and baby stores out there. I know you have the same expectations I do and will settle for nothing less. I also know that time is a precious commodity for us busy moms and we usually don't have time to scour around each website looking for all the information we need. With this in mind we've created this short video below which tells you - our loyal customers Why SuperMomz is a great place to shop...