Monday, November 17, 2008

A Celebration of Babywearing

The inaugural celebration of International Babywearing week ends today November 18. Jointly presented by two authorities on babywearing: Babywearing International Inc. along with this week was a focused opportunity to celebrate, promote, and advocate the many benefits of babywearing.

Although babywearing is no longer a practice supported only by hard-core advocates, babywearing still has not become mainstream throughout America. Many families are still unaware of the benefits to both parent and baby and many still wonder why you'd even want to carry or "wear" your baby.

As a mother of two, I've carried both children using several makes and styles of Baby Carrier. Any practice or product that allows me to fulfill my childs need to be carried while allowing me to function hands-free is an instant must-have!

As parents, moms and childcare providers, we know the power of our unity! Help spread the joy of babywearing by forwarding our 5 reason for babywearing to your friends and family.

  • Hands Free Convenience for Mom: Most baby wearing advocates will first list the benefits for your baby. While we know there are so many benefits for your child (and will get to them in a minute) we also know that life is so much easier for mom when her baby is snuggling contently in his baby carrier. A happy baby leads to a happy mom and happy moms can take better care of the new child.
  • Nurturing: A sense of security is important for infants and a baby carrier keeps baby close proving the nurturing and security they need.
  • Conversation: Baby will hear you talking to people all day! Experts have told us that the amount of words and conversations a baby hears is related to when he starts to talk. Baby will be able to hear you talk with the clerk at the grocery store, on the telephone and to your family and friends. Your baby will learn to model the way you speak and learn the patterns of conversation.
  • Interaction: The world around you is seen at your eye level. When your baby is sitting in a stroller much of your interactions will go unnoticed. But, when your baby is sitting much higher up in a baby carrier, he'll be able to see what you are seeing and interact with you an everyone around you.
  • Awareness of your daily activities and scheduling: When your baby is able to see what goes on around you each day, he becomes aware of your daily schedule. For example he'll notice that you stop for lunch in the middle of the day, that you collect your toddler from pre-school in the early afternoon and that you sway a little as you stroll around the pack. He'll get to know the daily routine of life making many transitions much easier for both of you.

    I know there are so many other great reasons for babywearing, feel free to add them below. I'll compile them all and post a complete list. Thank you for contributing and for joining the celebration for International babywearing Week.