Monday, November 10, 2008

Savings Too Good To Be Missed!

I know, you're being a little cautious with your spending this holiday season just like I am. I'll be thinking twice about each purchase before I buy it too! But, we're moms right and we want to shower those we love with gifts and even buy a little something for ourselves while we're at it.

With your pocket book in mind, we've just created some great new discounts and coupons. Here's a quick list of what's on SALE at SuperMomz this week and some excusive offers just for you:
  • LilyPadz are on sale for just $19.99. These are the newest version and they are currently shiping FREE! These amazing nusring pads really are a new mom must-have. Don't wait to long thought as we'll probably only offer them at this great price until the end of November.
  • Do you want to order Glamourmom Tank but are confused by the many different styles they offer? Watch our Glamourmom Simplified video and you'll be easily guided through the differences. Glamourmom Tanks and Bra Tops are on sale for only $33.95 (long length styles are only $35.95).
  • Spoil your little princess with a Moby TykeLight! We've just received the new GloMates so have placed the original models on clearance and still have a few pink ones available.
Hope you have fun shopping and are able to take advantage of some of these deals. I'd love to hear how your holiday shopping is going - please feel free to comment below and share your money saving secrets with other moms.