Friday, January 30, 2009

The Extra 20 - SuperMomz Weight Loss Challenge

At last - all that holiday season eating has finally come to an end! I stood on the scales this morning and came to the shocking realization that I've gained 20 pounds!

This "extra 20" did not appear overnight though! It was sneaky and crept up on me gradually over the past year or so. That extra one or two pounds here and there went unnoticed, but now it's impossible not to notice!

Having always been on the slim side (sometimes too slim) I keep asking myself how I let this happen? All that late night snacking, sitting at the computer all day and grabbing snacks as I run out to pick up the kids certainly contributed.

With so many diet plans, exercise plans and weigh loss programs out there - how on earth can a busy mom like me select the right plan, stick to it and shed that extra 20? There must be other women and moms out there with the same problem right? I know I'll need a little company and motivation on my weight loss journey so would love you to join me. If you want to shed a few pounds and join my Extra 20 Weight Loss Challenge please let either email me ( or comment below (please include your email address so we can contact you). I'm still working out the details but there will be some great prizes and I'm on a mission to check out all the latest and tried and tested weight loss programs.

Don't forget to keep checking back as I'll update the challenge details soon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Working on being CPSIA compliant

I'm sure by now you've heard about the new cpsia requirements limiting lead and phthalates in children's toys and products. This law goes in to effect on 2/10/09 (followed by an additional requirement in August 2009) and has many manufacturers and retailers both confused and frustrated as the testing requirements are both unclear and costly.

Many children's products are handmade by moms like you and me. We hate to see our fellow moms and business women suffering financially as their businesses are threatened while they struggle to be compliant and still stay in business.

However frustrating this new law may be to us at SuperMomz, we're committed to taking safety seriously and are working hard to ensure that SuperMomz WILL be cpsia complaint as of 2/10/09.

If you have any questions regarding the safety or compliancy of any of the products in our collection, please contact us and we'll get you the information you need asap.

Thank you for your continued business and for trusting that SuperMomz is a safe place to shop for your loved ones.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introducing SuperMomz Book Club

I'm doing a lot of reading these days! I read while my daughter is in her ballet class, I read while the kids are playing at the park and I read late at night when the everyone is sleeping and the house is quiet.

As of mother of 2 little ones, I've found myself reading an amazing assortment of baby, parenting and breastfeeding books - many of which you'll love. So - starting in February (as I still have to finish the first book we'll be featuring) SuperMomz will be featuring our weekly Book Club.

If you'd like to be notified when a new book is added/reviewed, please email me at with a subject of book club. I know that you seasoned moms have also read some great books so please comment below with some suggestions. We'll be covering all the parenting topics as well as a just for fun fiction selection.

If you'd like to provide a guest post for the book club please also email and let me know.

I'm looking forward to checking out your suggestions and can't wait to get reading.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Moms Love Linx and More on Valentine's Day

I LOVE Linx and More! These lockets make amazing personalized gifts for your loved ones. If you know me personally you'll see me wearing my Soul Locket almost daily. If you're a relative of mine you've probably received a heart or soul pendant for your birthday. If you're a good friend, you'll have received one for your latest "milestone" birthday (oops - if that birthday is coming up - I've just told you what you'll be getting but I think you knew that anyway)! In fact - I ordered one for a friend earlier today. With Valentine's day just around the corner these lockets and pendants really are the perfect gift.

Here's how you'll design your personalized Linx and More Locket:

  • First choose which locket you'd like. The heart and soul lockets are best sellers (and they've just added some great new ones)
  • Then choose the charms. Moms love to add their kids initials and birth stones.
  • Finally select a chain. The new CZ chains are very cute and also come in pink!

Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends and BFF's will LOVE their what's in your heart locket. Don't miss our Valentine's Day special - to save 5% on all Linx and More Jewelry just enter code linx at check-out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top Leading Moms at StartupNation

We're excited to have signed up for the first annual 2009 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business competition, which will rank the top 200 mom-run businesses across America as determined by popular vote. Every vote counts and we'd really appreciate your vote. With just one click below you can submit your vote for us - no forms to fill out or anything to sign up for - we promise:)

Vote For Us in the StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition
Thanks so much for you support. We'll let you know how we get on.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 5 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnancy Mama - on a budget

Hit the stores - with a plan. By now you've read days 1 through 4 of this series right? You've slowed down and looked at what's already in your closet, determined exactly what you need, thought about what's underneath and bought some nursing/maternity bras! Now it's time to hit the stores and go shopping - with a plan...

Remember - us girls like shopping at the best of times and shopping for maternity wear is no exception! I'd start by visiting the maternity store in your local mall (Motherhood, Mimi Maternity, Pea in the Pod). Although their prices may be more that you're willing to pay, the sales staff should be experienced and able to advise you as to which styles and sizes you should try. You do not need to purchase anything - just try on some outfits (with the "belly") and get a feel for what you like or don't like.

Then - I'd go to your local discount store as many of them carry some really great maternity wear. I'd also Shop at they have a whole line by Liz Lange which is affordable and just as stylish as her designer line. They even have a maternity clearance department which has some amazing deals starting at just $4.99.

Old Navy is another maternity treasure! Many of the items they offer are similar if not the same as items sold at the Gap - but at about half the price. They currently have some great tops, pants and jackets on clearance starting at about $5.99.

If you have a Ross Dress For Less in your city - it is definitely worth a visit. Most of them have a maternity rail (or several rails in our local store) and you can pick up some great items at unbelievable prices.

Don't forget the local thrift store. As maternity clothing is only worn for a few months you can usually pick up some great finds and it great condition too. I found a great black, Mimi Maternity, wool skirt which I wore and wore for work. I think I paid only $4!

Discount department stores can also be a great shopping source. Both Sears and JC Penny have maternity departments in many of their stores.

Our last tip is to remember to purchase your pre-pregnancy size. So if you usually wear a size 8 and the maternity jeans in a size M are marked for sizes 8-10 - this is the correct size for you. Do not go by your current size. The designers/manufacturers have allowed room for your belly to grow:)

All you experienced moms have discovered many other tips to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment with a tip you're entered to win a Belly Bandit. Don't forget to leave your name and email address (or email it to us so we can notify you if you win.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 4 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget

Take time to buy some quality nursing bras. Many first time moms are not sure when to purchase a nursing bra or why they even need one! Here's the facts - you need one (or several)! Nursing Bra's are no longer the frumpy white bra's you may have seen in the past! Several

Why do I need a nursing bra?
  • Most moms experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Although this size change will vary greatly from woman to woman, the increase is usually at least one band size and one cup size. For example a woman who wore a pre-pregnancy size of 36c could expect to need at least a 38d.
  • A nursing mother needs to select the correct size to avoid mastitis and plugged milk ducts.
  • Wearing the correct nursing bra size will help prevent neck and shoulder aches and pains.

When should I purchase a nursing bra?

  • It is usually best to wait until a few weeks before delivery to purchase your nursing bra however remember that your ribcage will continue to expand to accommodate your growing baby. A good choice is a bra which has several hooks on the band so that you can use the smaller hooks once your ribcage shrinks back after the baby is born.
  • Your cup size will also continue to increase as your body prepares to produce breast milk.
  • We do not suggest waiting until after the baby is born to purchase your nursing bra.
  • Approximately 3-5 days postpartum your milk will come in and temporarily increase you cup size due to engorgement.

How should my bra fit?

  • Most maternity and department stores have trained staff to help you choose the correct bra size.
  • All the breast tissue should fit inside the cup. You should not see any part of your breast spilling out of the cup or side seams.
  • The band should not rise up at the back. If it does you may need a smaller band size.
  • If you choose an underwire bra, the underwire should fit around the breast and not pinch or squash it. Many lactation professionals suggest than nursing moms wear softcup bras as the underwire can cause a clogged duct by digging in to the breast tissue.

How can I measure myself? Yes - here's how (you'll achieve best results if you measure yourself while wearing an unpadded bra).

  • First you'll need to calculate your band size. To do this you'll need to measure around your rib cage just below your breasts. If you're measuring yourself be sure to check that the tape is level all the way around! Add 5 to this number and this will be your band size. For example if this measurement is 29" you'll add 5 and your band size will be 34. If this number is an odd number you'll generally need to round up to the next even number.
  • Next you'll need to determine your bust/cup size. You'll need to measure around your bust at the fullest point. Again, you'll need to make sure that the tape is level all the way around. The difference between the band size and the bust/cup measurement is your cup size. Each one inch represents one cup size. For example is the band size is 36" and the cup measurement is 38" you would wear a 36b.

Difference in Cup Size

1 inch A cup, 2 inches B cup, 3 inches C cup, 4 inches D cup, 5 inches DD cup, 6 inches E cup, 7 inches F cup

You'll find that different bra styles may fit you slightly differently so you'll want to try on a few to ensure you find the most comfortable one. If you're still unsure of your size or just want a second opinion - most stores have trained professionals who are happy to help you or contact your local lactation consultant.

Now for the fun part - shopping. As we mentioned earlier, nursing bras have come a long way. Two of our favorite sexy and stylish brands are PassionSpice and Eve Alexander.

I know you experienced moms have discovered many other stylish nursing bras so please post your tips to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment with a tip you're entered to win a Belly Bandit. Don't forget to leave your name and email address (or email it to us so we can notify you if you win.

Check back tomorrow as it's the last day of this series and we'll be talking about "hitting the stores"!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 3 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget

Don't forget what's underneath!

We all know how important it is to wear the correct underwear. Our undergarments help that perfect outfit look just right. But do you really need to fork out your hard earned money for special and "large" maternity underwear? The answer is yes and no! Keep reading below to see why...

Do you really need maternity panties? By the end of the first trimester, your panties may begin to feel too tight. Once they start to feel snug it's time to think about alternatives! Maternity panties are often unattractive and expensive in the local maternity boutiques, but don't worry, maternity underwear has come a long way and there are several stylish and low cost options.
  • Purchase non maternity underwear in a larger size. You'll probably be able to buy several pairs of regular underwear for the price of one maternity pair! Make sure you buy an underbelly style or a style that can be worn low below your belly.
  • Check out Old Navy Maternity! They have an Intimates collection within their maternity department both online and in many stores. Their sales are amazing and I loved the 3 packs of low rise maternity thongs!
  • Don't forget about Motherhood. Motherhood has a huge selection of Maternity Panties. 3 packs can be found on sale for as low as $4.99 with most at about $9.99.

But I want to feel and look sexy! No problem. It's important to keep your personal style during pregnancy. Looking and feeling sexy is more important than ever when you may be feeling unattractive and frumpy. PassionSpice offers some stylish and comfortable maternity underwear. I especially love their Meg Bikini. and Mira Thong. Both styles are affordable too! Eve Alexander also offers a complete selection of sexy and mom approved maternity bikini's and thongs.

Remember, you don't have to spend a fortune on stylish, comfortable maternity underwear. I know you fashion forward moms have discovered many other affordable underwear options so please post your tips to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment you're entered to win a Belly Bandit.

Check back tomorrow as we'll be talking about nursing bra's!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 2 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget

Determine exactly what you'll need - don't over buy.

How can you be expected to know what you'll need if this is your first pregnancy? It's really important to think about a few things before you rush out and start shopping...

Where will you be going? It's important to know where you'll be wearing your new items, so you can select just what you need and not be tempted to over purchase! It's no good buying 3 pairs of cute jeans if you need clothes for the office!

Mix and match. Choose a few basic items that can be mixed and matched. A pair of pants, a skirt, a dress, jeans and several tops/tee shirts will usually be enough to start with. I needed to purchase business clothes and instead of spending a fortune on maternity suits I purchased several pairs of pants in neutral colors (black, navy and khaki) and paired them with one of my pre-pregnancy jackets over a cami/tank. The cami covered my belly as I was not able to button the jackets towards the end of my pregnancy.

Non maternity wear. Remember that you can sometimes purchase non-maternity wear in a larger size. Although this will usually not work throughout the whole 9 months - as the item will be larger all over and not just in the areas you'll need it! It's sometimes handy to have a few non-maternity items in a larger size as they can be worn after the baby is born when you're not quite able to squeeze back into your favorite jeans.

Sizing. Remember that most maternity wear is sold by Pre-Pregnancy size. Although it is impossible to tell how much weight you'll gain and where you'll gain it, it's important to start with your pre-pregnancy size to ensure a correct fit. Each pregnancy comes with it's own shape and size! Don't think that just because that adorable outfit looks great with the "store belly" that it will fit the same way once your belly pops out!

So think about what you need before you hit the stores - have fun shopping and please comment and post your tips to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment you're entered to win a Belly Bandit

Check back tomorrow as we'll be talking about underwear and lingerie!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 1 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget

Slow down and look at what you already have on hand!

This may seem obvious, but most newly pregnancy supermoms are overcome with excitement and rush out to the local maternity store before their bump even starts to show. Maternity wear is expensive - don't learn the hard way.

Most women will still fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes until the second trimester. But - it sometimes seems like you grow overnight! Be prepared and take a quick look in your closet so you're ready when your bump decides to show!

Check out your husband's closet. You may not think he'll have anything you'd be seen dead in, but - men's shirts and tee-shirts make great maternity tops for us stylish moms. Men are no longer wearing tents and I bet your husband is wearing those trendy fitted tees and shirts? The extra length they'll provide will also be a necessity once you're no longer able to button your jeans!

Sweat pants, Yoga Pants, Exercise Pants. Most women have several pairs of sweat pants, yoga pants or some kind of elastic waist pants. Not only is it stylish to be casual, but you'll be comfortable too. During the first few months you'll feel larger everywhere and not just in the tummy area. These casual pants which you probably already own, will allow you to feel comfortable without that "strapped in" feeling you may get from your jeans.

What's in the back of the closet? Do you have those dreaded "fat pants" in the back of the closet? If you're like most women you'll have clothes in several sizes. I know that I seem unable to stay the same size for long and have pants in two sizes! Those "fat pants" may just become your favorite pants in the first and even second trimesters of pregnancy.

Beg & Borrow. Ever borrowed your best friends new sexy shirt to wear on a hot date or girls night out? If so, you'll love this tip! Remember that maternity clothing gets only a few months wear during each pregnancy - so your sisters maternity wardrobe is still in excellent condition and looks like new. She'll be so sick of the sight of those elastic waist pants that she'll be have her complete maternity collection packed up and delivered to your house before you even get chance to ask her for it!

I told you to slow down - you can see that we've already found you several new stylish items to wear (for free) once your waist starts to expand! But I'm sure there are many other places you can find great "maternity" items on hand in your own home - so please comment and post them to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment you're entered to win a Belly Bandit.

Remember to check back tomorrow as we'll be looking at how to determine exactly what you'll need - so you don't over buy!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget!

Being pregnant can be expensive - there's no way around it! You WILL outgrow your pre-pregnancy jeans and you WILL need to wear larger clothers. But - maternity wear is expensive - especially in those new, stylish maternity boutiques located in every mall and on many street corners. But we've been there and done that! Working with pregnant moms every day we've learned a thing or two about staying stylish and sexy while pregnant - on a budget.

So before you run off to the local mall to try on those stylish maternity fashions WAIT! We'll be sharing some inside tips with you over the next 5 days which you'll want to read before you spend a penny. We want to make sure you know how to select the correct items, stay stylish and save a penny or two at the same time.

So to check our blog each day for the next 5 days. We'll post the first tips tomorrow (1/8/09). Remember to leave a comment and tip to be entered to win a the fabulous Belly Bandit. If you subscribe to our blog - you won't want to miss a day.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Contest - Comment and Win a Belly Bandit

Calling all pregnant and new moms - have you discovered the Belly Bandit yet? The Belly Bandit™ wrap is an abdominal compression binder designed to help you get your body back to its former fabulousness post childbirth.

Not only does the Belly Bandit™ help reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling, it aids in decreasing bloating caused by water retention, and gives additional support for Mommy’s weary legs & back. For you breastfeeding moms, there’s a bonus… the Belly Bandit™ will help you with your posture during feedings, and may help to reduce the all too common back & shoulder pain associated with breastfeeding. OOH did I mention that it helps with those stretch marks too?

How can I get one I hear you say? We so excited to be able to give a Bamboo Belly Bandit (Size M) with a retail value of $59 to one lucky mama. It's easy to enter to win. Just check out our new 5 Day Series - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget - and add a comment/tip related to the series to one of the 5 posts. If you have a blog/website we'd love you to link to the series too (but not needed to enter). We'll be selecting one random winner on Friday 1/16. Hope you decide to enter and we can't wait to read your comments!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Nurse in style - at night too!

Nursing at night definitely has it challenges! Us nursing moms need to be able to comfort our starving baby, fumble around with our clothing & make sure the baby latches on - all in the dark while trying to be quiet and not wake the husband! What's a nursing mom to do?

Our friends at Glamourmom have come to the rescue yet again. Their new Glamourmom Sleepwear Sets give you all the features of their Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tanks and you'll look stylish too! The new Sleepwear Tank features the same unique built-in nursing bra design as the standard nursing tanks, with additional length at the bottom and a small satin bow for sleepwear fashion. It incorporates one handed nursing access with clasps that sit flush to the fabric and adjustable shoulder straps. The Sleepwear Pant is cropped to ankle length for comfort and mobility and features an elastic drawstring waistband that adjusts to accommodate weight loss after the baby is born.

As with many of the products we sell - I wish they'd been around when I needed them:)