Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 1 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget

Slow down and look at what you already have on hand!

This may seem obvious, but most newly pregnancy supermoms are overcome with excitement and rush out to the local maternity store before their bump even starts to show. Maternity wear is expensive - don't learn the hard way.

Most women will still fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes until the second trimester. But - it sometimes seems like you grow overnight! Be prepared and take a quick look in your closet so you're ready when your bump decides to show!

Check out your husband's closet. You may not think he'll have anything you'd be seen dead in, but - men's shirts and tee-shirts make great maternity tops for us stylish moms. Men are no longer wearing tents and I bet your husband is wearing those trendy fitted tees and shirts? The extra length they'll provide will also be a necessity once you're no longer able to button your jeans!

Sweat pants, Yoga Pants, Exercise Pants. Most women have several pairs of sweat pants, yoga pants or some kind of elastic waist pants. Not only is it stylish to be casual, but you'll be comfortable too. During the first few months you'll feel larger everywhere and not just in the tummy area. These casual pants which you probably already own, will allow you to feel comfortable without that "strapped in" feeling you may get from your jeans.

What's in the back of the closet? Do you have those dreaded "fat pants" in the back of the closet? If you're like most women you'll have clothes in several sizes. I know that I seem unable to stay the same size for long and have pants in two sizes! Those "fat pants" may just become your favorite pants in the first and even second trimesters of pregnancy.

Beg & Borrow. Ever borrowed your best friends new sexy shirt to wear on a hot date or girls night out? If so, you'll love this tip! Remember that maternity clothing gets only a few months wear during each pregnancy - so your sisters maternity wardrobe is still in excellent condition and looks like new. She'll be so sick of the sight of those elastic waist pants that she'll be have her complete maternity collection packed up and delivered to your house before you even get chance to ask her for it!

I told you to slow down - you can see that we've already found you several new stylish items to wear (for free) once your waist starts to expand! But I'm sure there are many other places you can find great "maternity" items on hand in your own home - so please comment and post them to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment you're entered to win a Belly Bandit.

Remember to check back tomorrow as we'll be looking at how to determine exactly what you'll need - so you don't over buy!