Friday, January 09, 2009

Day 2 - Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Mama - on a budget

Determine exactly what you'll need - don't over buy.

How can you be expected to know what you'll need if this is your first pregnancy? It's really important to think about a few things before you rush out and start shopping...

Where will you be going? It's important to know where you'll be wearing your new items, so you can select just what you need and not be tempted to over purchase! It's no good buying 3 pairs of cute jeans if you need clothes for the office!

Mix and match. Choose a few basic items that can be mixed and matched. A pair of pants, a skirt, a dress, jeans and several tops/tee shirts will usually be enough to start with. I needed to purchase business clothes and instead of spending a fortune on maternity suits I purchased several pairs of pants in neutral colors (black, navy and khaki) and paired them with one of my pre-pregnancy jackets over a cami/tank. The cami covered my belly as I was not able to button the jackets towards the end of my pregnancy.

Non maternity wear. Remember that you can sometimes purchase non-maternity wear in a larger size. Although this will usually not work throughout the whole 9 months - as the item will be larger all over and not just in the areas you'll need it! It's sometimes handy to have a few non-maternity items in a larger size as they can be worn after the baby is born when you're not quite able to squeeze back into your favorite jeans.

Sizing. Remember that most maternity wear is sold by Pre-Pregnancy size. Although it is impossible to tell how much weight you'll gain and where you'll gain it, it's important to start with your pre-pregnancy size to ensure a correct fit. Each pregnancy comes with it's own shape and size! Don't think that just because that adorable outfit looks great with the "store belly" that it will fit the same way once your belly pops out!

So think about what you need before you hit the stores - have fun shopping and please comment and post your tips to share with your fellow Stylish, Sexy, Pregnant Moms. Remember, when you comment you're entered to win a Belly Bandit

Check back tomorrow as we'll be talking about underwear and lingerie!