Friday, January 30, 2009

The Extra 20 - SuperMomz Weight Loss Challenge

At last - all that holiday season eating has finally come to an end! I stood on the scales this morning and came to the shocking realization that I've gained 20 pounds!

This "extra 20" did not appear overnight though! It was sneaky and crept up on me gradually over the past year or so. That extra one or two pounds here and there went unnoticed, but now it's impossible not to notice!

Having always been on the slim side (sometimes too slim) I keep asking myself how I let this happen? All that late night snacking, sitting at the computer all day and grabbing snacks as I run out to pick up the kids certainly contributed.

With so many diet plans, exercise plans and weigh loss programs out there - how on earth can a busy mom like me select the right plan, stick to it and shed that extra 20? There must be other women and moms out there with the same problem right? I know I'll need a little company and motivation on my weight loss journey so would love you to join me. If you want to shed a few pounds and join my Extra 20 Weight Loss Challenge please let either email me ( or comment below (please include your email address so we can contact you). I'm still working out the details but there will be some great prizes and I'm on a mission to check out all the latest and tried and tested weight loss programs.

Don't forget to keep checking back as I'll update the challenge details soon.