Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Labor in Style!

Ok ladies - let's admit it, who wants to give birth in those yucky, blue hospital gowns? I bet not many of you raised your hands! They are uncomfortable, unattractive and make you feel like you're in hospital because you're sick - not about to give birth. Oh - and let's not forget that they are OPEN all the way down the back exposing everything for all your visitors and strangers in the hallway to see.

Luckily, labor apparel has come a long way so stress no more - there are some great solutions to help you feel both comfortable and beautiful as you experience the wonder of childbirth.

We'll start with birth apparel. If you're looking for extra coverage and amazing features - then the Thankini Top by Binsi is the birthing top for you. It's adaptable and unique design with front hooks and side snaps allows it to easily accommodate medical equipment and breastfeeding. This Thankini pairs up so well with the PrimaMama original and Sport Birth Skirts. Both these skirts feature an adjustable waist, side slits, under belly cut and as with all Birth Binsi apparel - they can accommodate all medical equipment.

Time to recover in comfort! Don't worry - you still won't have to wear that regulation hospital gown even after you've given birth! 1 in the Oven has come to the rescue with their earth friendly hospital nightgowns. Made with 100% organic cotton these gowns feature discreet openings for easy nursing access. Two styles are available with either 3/4 length sleeves or short sleeves.

So, whether you choose to be stylish in Birth Binsi or 1 in the Oven, we hope you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful as you start one of the most amazing times of your life.